Saturday, 12 February 2011

Nature becoming more active

Here in the Tamar Valley today is one of the better days of the winter, a day when ones motivation for getting things done is a bit better than usual.  Dry with a bit of sunshine and not particularly cold it was a good time a little earlier in the day to pop down to the river and see how nature is fairing.

At a favoured spot on the river bank the violets are now up to 20 flowers out, well not all out to be honest but 20 showing purple even if a number of these are still in bud.  The snowdrops are making a great show at the moment and crocuses and a few primroses are making their presence known in people's gardens.  A few forsythia blooms are evident but the big surge of yellow is yet to come.

Across in the woods on the Devon side a woodpecker was hammering away.  I've heard it occasionally during the past couple of weeks, fairly quiet and tentative at first but now more strident.

It was good too to meet a couple I know out walking and stop for a chat, nice that the weather allowed a bit of time for such activity without oneself being frozen or drowned!

Although just a short walk it was beneficial to get at least some fresh air into ones lungs I think.  Perhaps this is one reason so many people own dogs hereabouts, to have a good excuse to get that regular exercise.

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