Wednesday, 27 December 2006

A peaceful Christmas

I have just enjoyed a quiet and peaceful Christmas. Over the years I have experienced all sorts of Christmas Days, till they died I think almost always with my parents and other members of the family. Since then I have also enjoyed being in the company of others and, dare I say it, have had the pleasure of the occasional Christmas on my own.

This time I was invited to share much of the day with a friend nearby and members of her family visiting for the yuletide celebrations. Good conversation, laughter, excellent food and no TV (!). It could not have been a better day for me the only downside being that my friend was not feeling 100%. But apart from that, perfect.

It is very easy isn't it to forget those who have had a less than happy Christmas for a variety of reasons. I am very fortunate I know in never having had a totally awful Christmas but it is an event which is much better if kept simple without the necessity of taking out a loan to pay for it all! It also helped that I didn't have to walk very many yards to my friend's cottage - travelling over the holiday is for me the stuff of nightmares!

On Boxing Day morning we were invited to share a convivial drink with my nextdoor neighbours. Thank you David and Judy for that. Now it's the usual problem, working out what day of the week it is!

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