Friday, 15 December 2006

Torrington score Somerfield 1 Tesco 0

Torridge District Council's Planning Committee met yesterday to discuss the thorny issue of deciding what new supermarket, if any, should be built in Torrington. There were two contenders - Tesco and Somerfield. I'm pleased to say that they came down in favour of the Somerfield plan which result seems to have pleased the public. The Tesco proposal would have used the site of the football ground, would have affected more town centre shops and was disproportionately large even though it had been reduced in size from its original concept. Tesco have such a reputation for riding roughshod over people and planners so I was more than happy that David beat Goliath in this particular fight.

While on the subject of Torrington I hear that fund-raisers there recently raised £1200 for the North Devon Hospice through selling homemade cakes in The Square. To add spice to the occasion teams of men and women competed against each other to see who could bake the most cakes and raise the most money! One of the organisers was quoted as saying "With a bit of cheating the men won by about £100!" So well done the men!

This event was part of a project to raise £10,000 in memory of the landlady of a local pub who sadly died of lung cancer. It once again shows that our small local communities are brilliant when asked to dip into their pockets to support a noble cause and to enjoy some fun in the process.

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