Monday, 30 March 2009

Bilbo gets his reprieve

On the 20th of May last year I penned a piece about Bilbo, the Newfoundland dog, who had been banned from the beach at Sennen Cove in west Cornwall. Not sure whether they prohibit dogs there just in the summer months or all year round but Bilbo got the heave-ho even though he was only there because of his potential lifesaving capabilities. With their double coats and webbed feet the hardy Newfoundlands are well adapted to assist in rescuing people in the sea. The large friendly dog was very popular with locals and visitors before the RNLI, who have now got responsibility for safety on the beach at Sennen, decided that he had to also be banned.

The good news is that, following a petition, his lifeguard owner can carry Bilbo on his all terrain vehicle across the beach. A victory for commonsense. Hooray!

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