Friday, 6 March 2009

Helford Jetty scheme rejected

On the 25 th January I wrote angrily about the totally selfish attitude of second home owners at Helford in west Cornwall. A scheme to build a jetty and short access road to the same to enable local fishermen to land their catch with a degree of comfort and safety was put on hold when the primarily absent for most of the year homeowners got a judicial review into the plans. The judge has now spoken ... and it's not good news for the locals. The jetty is a 'no go' because of a planning technicality. Sickening news for all of us more concerned that the area should retain its proper working environment rather than become just a rich man's playground. A battle lost maybe but not necessarily the end of the matter.

It sounds as if the fishermen aren't going to give up - if they have to resubmit their application then it will be Cornwall rather than Kerrier making a decision one way or the other because of course we are losing a local government layer in April so Kerrier District Council will be no more.

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