Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Morwellham - no news is good news possibly

Just a couple of days ago I had written about the travails at Morwellham Quay and mentioned the impending meeting between the various stakeholders that was due to take place yesterday. So far as I know this happened but as to the result of the deliberations there is no news yet.

I had thought there would be a press release today but the fact this hasn't happened so far as I can see could be indicative of avenues still being explored. If every possibility had been exhausted at the meeting then perhaps a statement to that affect would have been quickly forthcoming.

One piece of definite news though is that the sell-out concert by 'Show of Hands' tomorrow evening has been confirmed as going ahead but with the 'Ship Inn' closed audience members have been advised to bring their own refreshment - more info for those interested in this concert on the Morwellham website.

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