Saturday, 12 September 2009

Weather has turned for the better - at last

We have now had a few days of glorious early autumn weather - very comfortable warm weather by day but markedly cooler nights. Our newsletters for the local history group were ready yesterday for delivery and I popped over to Ian and Helen's home to pick up my quota as I do the deliveries in and around Gunnislake. Published three times a year in A4 format and with 16 pages in each issue we feel that it is something we can be reasonably proud about. Today then I completed almost all my deliveries and I must say it was an absolute joy not to have to carry them round in a weatherproof wrapping which not infrequently has been the case in the past.

It is amazing just how much some warm sunshine raises the spirits and with the days rapidly getting shorter it is extra welcome. Having good light until the sun actually sets is great and we are now getting that. This very enjoyable settled spell reminds me of my first holiday in Penzance a good many years ago. It was at precisely the same time of year and the weather was absolutely identical to that we are now experiencing. In fact it was my introduction to the magic of such places as Porthgwarra, Penberth Cove and Lamorna on the south coast of Penwith and I still recall the elation of visiting them when I walked that part of the Coast Path. There are so many parts of our coast that are really special and to be fair it is difficult to say any one section is the best. I suppose though my choice of the length from Gwennap Head going east to Lamorna as being just about my favourite is coloured by the fact of those memorable few days when I first went there.

Just reverting back to my first paragraph for a moment the Calstock Parish Local History Group has a website here which you might find interesting if you are intrigued by the very varied history of this part of the Tamar Valley.

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