Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding goes like clockwork

Well, that was the Royal wedding then!  I didn't watch it, partly because I don't have a TV these days, but I did look at some of the recorded highlights on the internet.  The general verdict, from monarchists at least, is that it all went very well.  That is my impression from what little I saw and primarily I am pleased for William and Kate as I would be for any other couple getting married.

Although I can hardly say that I got caught up in all the hype one of the real positives from the day is just how people get drawn together on such an occasion, how they can temporarily at least get away from their day to day problems for a day or two and feel really good about life in perhaps a different way.

Watching the main cast coming out onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace I was particularly struck by how much older Prince Charles was looking and also reminding myself of just how short the Queen is!   

The whole day must have seemed almost surreal for the Middleton family - as "commoners" they could never have expected anything like this to happen!

This blog would like to wish the newlyweds every happiness for the future.

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