Monday, 2 May 2011

Victoria Beckham - what did you look like

Understandably attendees at a wedding, if it's of the posh type at least, will very much dress up for the occasion.  There has been general approval I believe of Kate's wedding dress at last Friday's event - I'm no expert of course but she looked pretty stunning to me.

However it was particularly fascinating looking at the photos of some of the guests that went to Westminster Abbey.  It's the womenfolk that catch the eye, many of them looking very smart but one or two quite frankly appearing ridiculous.  Of the latter Victoria Beckham was a good example.  First of all was a strange little pill box type of hat on her forehead.  How on earth do such things stay there?  Is it some sort of glue?  It looked absolutely stupid to me!  And then there were her shoes - they were ridiculously high heeled and ugly too in my opinion.

I appreciate that women feel they have to wear high heels at that sort of wedding and there's no doubt that both the nature of the woman and the nature of the event should drive the decision about what hat (if any), clothes and shoes might be worn.  When it comes to shoes I go against the normally perceived wisdom and say for me that the higher a woman's stilettos the more turned off I will be!  I love to see a female in low heeled shoes and there is absolutely no shortage of suitable designs so far as I can see.

Here she is with her husband:  It might have helped if Victoria knew how to smile as well!  Perhaps like an earlier Victoria she was not amused.

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