Saturday, 4 June 2011

A visit to Mary's art exhibition

Last Thursday saw a friend and I visit an exhibition of Mary Martin's paintings at St Dominic Parish Hall.  I don't have a particular eye for art, certainly far less than my companion, but this is a little different.  We had an invitation via Virginia, one of Mary's sisters, to come and as many of Mary's oils were of her beloved Tamar Valley and of Cornwall's coast we were keen to have a look at them.  There were also some paintings she had done in France.

It is always a pleasure to see her latest work: whilst I personally don't relate too well to oil paintings, particularly on the walls of a small Cornish cottage such as mine, I can still get enjoyment from seeing Mary's art.  There is a lot of feeling and life in her Cornish scenes particularly.  We were both struck by her paintings of the coast near Boscastle, partly I suppose because of our particular affection for that area.

Mary's work is highly regarded, more information can be found here

The fine and sunny weather continuing gave us the incentive to drive on down to Halton Quay, one of those really peaceful spots on the Tamar where the gentle hills and placid river are very much in harmony.  From there a favourite circular walk of about a mile takes one through very quiet countryside of old orchards and deep lanes and it is one of the latter that we know as a place to spot the unfortunately named "bastard balm" flower.  The Tamar Valley is one of their strongholds but we were almost too late to see it.  However one example was still in flower I'm glad to say.

It's warm again today but with a threat of a thundery breakdown and cooler weather from tomorrow onwards.

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