Saturday, 7 April 2007

Branscombe Beach now fully open

The beaching of the MSC Napoli off the Devon coast is no longer on the radar of the national media of course. So I'm pleased to have the opportunity of posting an update which happens to be good news. This past week has seen the full reopening of the beach at Branscombe: I believe that there is still a secure compound down there but this shouldn't spoil the pleasure of those visiting. Excellent news then to follow the traumas of those dark days back in January when the original beaching took place.

Interestingly local businesses then were understandably despondent about the immediate future but I think with the fairly recent lifting of travel restrictions in the village there will now be many people visiting. Certainly the media attention on Branscombe at the height of the drama could induce folk to go there if they are in the vicinity. It would seem that after the early problems at Branscombe some really good organisation has swung into place - not that that is something the media would feed on.

I do hope that businesses in Branscombe do well on this sunny Easter weekend.

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