Monday, 9 April 2007

Jackdaws stamping on the roof

One of the routine occurrences in Spring at this little terrace of cottages is the visits by the local jackdaws. We are never short of them here and the way they swoop about chattering to each other is always a delight to behold. Now being in the Tamar Valley there is no shortage of moss on our slate roofs and evidently this is just the ticket when it comes to nesting material. Jackdaws I've noted are pretty untidy with the result that plenty of moss finishes up either in the guttering or out in the road. But what amazes me most of all is the noise they generate when they are running over the roof, it's deafening! For anyone not used to it they could be wondering just what is going on.

The way wildlife interacts with the built environment is one of the things that makes nature so fascinating.

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