Thursday, 17 May 2007

Last container lifted from MSC Napoli

It was just under four months ago that the MSC Napoli was unceremoniously beached off Branscombe in East Devon. The last of the 2300 plus containers on board has now been removed from the ship, the salvage company I'm sure being well pleased with the speed of the operation overall. The weather during the operation has been for the most part fairly benign with few gales so this has obviously helped.

As I see it there are three major considerations left to be dealt with. Firstly what to do with the wreck: I'm no expert on such matters but I'm sure it's exercising a few minds! Secondly, how far does the insurance money go in paying for the huge costs involved in the incident and its aftermath? It would be nice to think that Devon council tax payers won't have to contribute but that I imagine is wishful thinking! Lastly there is the public enquiry promised by Devon County Council who are quietly going about collecting evidence for this enquiry which hopefully will start this year. What seems very, very important to me is that some really good naval surveyors give the Napoli a very thorough look over to see in particular what the previous repairs were like after she had her first altercation in Indonesia.

I'm particularly pleased that the county council are prepared to do this as central government have said they won't. Reminds me of the 2001 foot and mouth crisis in which it was again left to Devon CC to do the public enquiry bit when the government wouldn't.


Shauns Bicester info blog. said...

Hello again Brian,long time no comment..ha ha!.
I got a hit on my site today from a link off your site for the first time in ages - so i thought i would pay a visit.Firstly it's good to see you are still updating the old blog site - and secondly "it's an update on Napoli!"(at last).
Think what i'll do(because i keep getting referring URL's for updates on Napoli,on my site metre)is put a link to your site from my Napoli stories to this post.Let's hope they discover the dark side of this on-going saga;in the private inquiry.Will keep checking your post for updates....Shaun/author - shaun's Bicester info blog.Ps,not seen much signs of life from our mate Roger Thomases site?.

brian in the tamar valley said...

Thanks for your comment Shaun. And for the links as well. Have added a little more to the story today. Your input is very much appreciated.