Tuesday, 1 May 2007

May the First - lots of important happenings

Well here we are, it's the First of May and special because it's the start of my favourite month of the year. That's not because my birthday is tomorrow (I try to forget birthdays!) but because we have lots of daylight now with the days still getting longer, the temperature is usually just about right and the countryside coming into its best and lushest. However today is significant for a number of other reasons.

First up it's Obby Oss day in Padstow. Sadly time hasn't allowed me to go there today but I have been before and the atmosphere is absolutely electric. I understand that the Countryfile team from the BBC will be there and there will be a chance to see some of the celebrations on the programme next Sunday. It's possible to get some feel of this annual event from videos on YouTube, just key in Padstow. Also on YouTube you can see and hear Steeleye Span with the lovely Maddy Prior singing Padstow's Mayday song.

Today also sees the start of an initially six month scheme in the Devon village of Modbury deep in the South Hams. This is all about living without plastic bags and was the brainchild of local resident Rebecca Hosking who witnessed horrific scenes of marine wildlife dying from plastic bag ingestion whilst filming in Hawaii for the BBC. All 43 traders in Modbury are involved in the scheme: they will provide a range of carrier bags made of biodegradable and compostable cornstarch. It will also be possible for residents to purchase bags for life in 2 different sizes, these being supplied by Cornish firm 'bags2keep'. I think Modbury has the sort of community spirit to make this work and I shall watch developments with interest.

It was 10 years ago today that Tony Blair became Prime Minister. That day I'm sure was a heady one for many and it seemed that we might be embarking on a better course but how perceptions have changed. It would be difficult to think of another British government that has been so immersed in sleaze, dishonesty and downright incompetence as the present one. Certainly Blair is past his sell by date and will not be going out in a blaze of glory.

Back to Cornwall now. At the Eden Project they are holding a business summit on Climate Change. In today's Western Morning News there is a 16 page supplement about this event. I won't comment now as I haven't yet had a chance to read it but I do feel that Devon and Cornwall could be trailblazers in dealing with climate change.

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