Saturday, 12 May 2007

Why is Nick Robinson so politically correct?

I frequently read some of the political blogs one of which is that of Nick Robinson on the BBC's excellent news website. I say excellent primarily because of the wide ranging subject matter with easy to use links. On 10th May Nick made an entry unsurprisingly about Tony Blair's resignation speech that day. In it he said of Blair "he could have simply sent a letter to the chair of Labour's National Executive asking them to choose a new leader." Mr Robinson, what is wrong with the word 'chairman', whether a man or woman. At a meeting one would address that person as 'Mister Chairman' or 'Madam Chairman' not 'Chair'. The use of the word chair in the blog is pathetic, ridiculous and unnecessary. Must we have all this tedious political correctness? You might be satisfying a few with your choice of words but I can assure you that you have dropped in my estimation and I'm sure I'm not alone. So BBC and journalists get a life and don't be so daft.

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