Sunday, 7 September 2008

Good news story on our local railways

There's been a heartening story in this past week courtesy of Neil Gallacher, our local BBC industry correspondent. Neil's piece was about the continuing increase in passenger numbers on the local railway branch lines in the south west. He reported that it was the Tarka Line between Exeter and Barnstaple which was leading the way but that the other ones were also seeing more traffic. I was surprised to hear him state that the summer service on the Looe to Liskeard branch would be maintained through the winter.

So far as I am concerned if I want to go into Plymouth then the railway would be my preferred method of travel. Like most branch lines in our area the Tamar Valley Line passes through some great scenery and even the heart of Plymouth itself is now much more civilised as it is largely given over to the pedestrian and a considerable number of trees planted.

A point well worth bearing in mind is that if several people are travelling together - I think it is three or more but I might be wrong - then fares can be obtained at a useful discount. I hope this facility is still available as I think that the railway companies are now simplifying their fare structure.

Here's hoping that our railways can now go from strength to strength.

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