Thursday, 11 September 2008

Not nostalgic about everything

Like many of my age I can easily get nostalgic about various aspects of life of yesteryear. This is partly down to the rose-tinted spectacles thing of course but there are certain aspects that I most definitely am not nostalgic about, one of these being ... breakfast cereals! To think that I used to eat weetabix, those were the days, not! I don't always have a cooked breakfast in the morning but I really do like to get off to a good start with some decent cereal and my choice there is Jordans 'Country Crisp': "British oat & barley clusters with real strawberries" as it proclaims on the outside of the packet currently in front of me. Now I am also a fan of the 'Frusli' chewy oat cereal bars from the same manufacturer, so I was highly delighted with their recent promotion whereby I could get a voucher for 20p off a packet of Country Crisp from inside a six pack of Fruslis and also by purchasing the Country Crisp I could get 20p off my next lot of Frusli bars. Talk about a win-win situation but of course it might be a sop to an upcoming price increase of those products.

I did once write to Jordans in praise of their products who thanked me with some discount vouchers. But another reason to waffle on about cereals is because of a chance remark the other day. What happened was this: I was at the home of some folk I know who kindly offered me a cup of coffee. It turns out that Helen doesn't drink milk so has her coffee black. So "what about cereal" I queried, "what do you have on that?" The answer from Helen was simple - "fruit juice". Now I had been thinking of cutting down my intake of milk but just hadn't thought of substituting it with fruit juice. Normally I like to think of myself as someone who thinks out of the box and who doesn't follow the herd. Crazily I had been drinking fruit juice and following that immediately with cereal and a splashing of milk. Why hadn't I spotted the simple alternative pointed out by Helen? Taking her advice I now add fruit juice (currently Grape, Apple and Raspberry) to the 'Country Crisp'.

The resulting mix is absolutely delicious!

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Jordans Cereals said...

I am the marketing manager for Jordans Cereals and I just wanted to let you know that despite having eaten hundreds of bowls of Country Crisp, I've never tried it with fruit juice! I'm going to have to give it a go! Just to reassure you that our coupons for Frusli are not a ploy to hide a price increase - we just wanted to give people a chance to enjoy Frusli. You should also find a Country Crisp coupon in Frusli. We always like to talk to people who love our products and we're working on some new product ideas that we would love to get feedback on so please do get in touch if you would be interested to try them - you can contact me via I like your blog - I'm a west country girl now living in landlocked Bedfordshire so it's good to read about home! Carol Flint