Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Where now for Gordon Brown

The pressure on Gordon Brown is mounting day by day. It is pretty evident that support for him is rapidly dissolving, we have political correspondents in the media who talk off the record to government ministers on a regular basis and phrases like "Gordon's useless" are what we are hearing. Yes the Cabinet are trying to display an outward show of unity (they can't do much else really) but some of their comments expressed publicly have been lukewarm at best. Even one of his most conspicuous cheerleaders in the left of centre press, Polly Toynbee, has now turned 180 degrees and says he has to go.

Brown must be absolutely dreading the Labour Party Conference next week. How does he inspire the troops? He isn't a person who is a great natural orator. Will he do 'humility'? It would be totally out of character. I suspect that he might talk about Labour's supposedly good record over the first eleven years and so, on that basis, he is the only one who can return the country to the sunlit uplands.

Like it or not this is a very televisual age and this makes things very tough for Brown. Whereas the likes of Major and Blair seemed to be totally at ease in a TV studio for instance it just doesn't seem that way for our present Prime Minister. Labour are really in a near impossible situation: the government is hardly functioning, the world is experiencing dire financial circumstances and there is no obvious successor to Brown were he to go.

Of course right wing bloggers who are Brown haters are revelling in his misfortune. Me, I'm mainly worried about the apparent impotence of the present government to effectively run this country and make good decisions.

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