Sunday, 5 April 2009

A gated community is not for me

Perusing this weekend's 'Westcountry Homes' supplement in the Western Morning News I was interested to read about a development on the west side of Holsworthy in north west Devon. Called 'Rydon Village' and marketed through local estate agent Christopher Bond the blurb in the paper says it "has been designed to create a peaceful but accessible sanctuary for the over 55s". It goes on to state "Rydon Village will consist of 57 homes in a secure gated community" (looking at the detail on the website it would seem to be 58 homes actually). The picture of the exterior of some of the houses with a gently curving road in front looks aesthetically pleasing but it is the fact that the residents are going to be in this "gated community" that I find bothersome.

I'll just interject a quick comment here to say that I usually give this weekly supplement a glance to see if I know any of the locations mentioned and to get some idea of what is happening in the property market. Not that I wish to move to Holsworthy although I have nothing against that town!

Back to the gated community thing. I've never lived in such a place and can't get my head around the concept. Here, in this Tamar Valley village, people come from every background imaginable and there is a wide spread of ages among its inhabitants too. As a person who absolutely refuses to be categorised in any way I get a lot of contentment in the fact that we are a diverse lot and I can't imagine myself ever wanting to be sealed off by gates on the road into a development. It doesn't seem natural somehow!

Incorporated in the development is 15 acres of landscaped grounds with conservation area and lake. We are also told about some clubhouse facilities: a range of catering, fitness and treatment rooms. For anyone interested prices kick off at £195,000.

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