Saturday, 25 April 2009

Tedburn St Mary won their case

My last post was about a main road and I'll continue the theme in this one. Back toward the end of October 2007 I wrote about the fact that the central reservation crossing point on the A30 dual carriageway just south of Tedburn St Mary was being closed. At that time I supported the move by 'Highways' making the point that the Cheriton Bishop flyover was reasonably close and that in my opinion it was just too dangerous to permit right turns on and off such a fast road. Subsequently the folk from Tedburn applied for some sort of judicial review (I don't pretend to understand the legal niceties) with the result that Tedburn won their case! This happened a little before this last Easter, I just hope no calamitous accidents happen as a result of this judgment.

In fairness if I had to make such a right turn on or off a dual carriageway the Tedburn one wouldn't be so hazardous as some. Visibility is good and I've never found that piece of road particularly busy. I haven't driven it in the rush hour though or on a Saturday afternoon in the summer so my experience isn't necessarily characteristic of the road. But the judgment still worries me.

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