Saturday, 25 April 2009

Spring catching up after winter cold

Having experienced more cold weather this past winter than we have been recently accustomed to I wondered if that would put nature way behind this year. The steep slopes on the other side of the Tamar from my cottage are clothed in dense woodland and it's interesting to note that they are getting fully 'greened up' now whereas there have been times in the past I have had to wait until the start of May to see their Spring colour. Although a little cooler today with showers we have enjoyed some above average April temperatures and lovely sunshine with much of the rain coming conveniently at night. So nature is now taking off.

I believe that the value of sterling slipped a little more following the budget; the silver lining is that our local tourism should benefit even more. As I understand things bookings for the likes of caravan and camping sites are looking particularly good. A hot and sunny summer is all we ask for!

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