Thursday, 25 June 2009

Albaston Fete and an introduction to 'Smite'

Albaston is one of the many villages in our parish. Although very close to both Drakewalls and St Ann's Chapel (there are an unusually large number of settlements in Calstock Parish) it still retains its own identity. A major event in June is its annual fete and this years, held last Saturday, was the 25th one so a bit extra special. It now takes place on the Millennium Green, a nice spacious area with far reaching views south toward Plymouth. There have been mixed fortunes for the fete as regards the weather but this year the gods favoured the organisers. It was opened by a local resident, Margaret, a Cornish Bard and all round good person. Would she say something in Cornish I wondered, knowing her passion for the language. We were not to be disappointed: she spoke one or two sentences in Cornish - with a translation into English! As usual the Rubber Band provided some of the musical entertainment, not unexpected with some of the key members residing in the village!

After the Rubber Band had completed their stint we had a good look round the fete and came across a demonstration by its inventors (who live at St Neot on the south side of Bodmin Moor) of the garden game of 'Smite'. Unfortunately I'm typing this right at the end of the day and am too tired to do justice to this remarkable game. Suffice to say that we had a go at it, the rules are very simple and it was so easy to understand why people have got hooked on it. I'll just let their website here do the talking!

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