Friday, 26 June 2009

Not a tribute to Michael Jackson

I've just been looking at the blogs link on Google and putting 'Michael Jackson' into the subject line. He died aged 50 less than 24 hours ago from it's thought cardiac arrest. Amazingly in the last day there have been more than two and a half million blog posts incorporating his name!

I suspect that the vast majority of these blog entries will have been paying homage to his talents but not this one I'm afraid. It's not that I have anything against him it's just that his music has passed me by, plus the fact that I'm just not into the adoration of celebrities. Having said that I've been watching his amazing dance technique of 'moonwalking' on YouTube and have to admit that that is something else. But as to pop culture, no I'm not interested.

It didn't take long for both Gordon Brown and David Cameron to speak warmly about Jackson but was this just done for good old political purposes I ask myself. There is a Devon connection with Michael Jackson because martial arts expert Matt Fiddes from Barnstaple was to become his bodyguard. Matt has talked to the BBC here about Michael and this gives some sort of insight into his complex character.

I feel sorry for anyone who passes away before their time and it's sad of course for his legions of fans who have booked for what was to be a comeback tour in London. But as I have already intimated Michael Jackson hasn't influenced my life at all.

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