Thursday, 11 June 2009

Joanna Lumley becomes a Shelterbox Patron

Fairly recently I wrote about a TV programme in which Joanna Lumley achieved a childhood ambition to see 'The Northern Lights'. This was before the stunning success she achieved in leading the campaign to secure rights for Gurkhas wishing to settle in this country. I have long realised that under that soft silky exterior was a woman of steel and was unsurprised when she put that attribute to such good use in skewering Phil Woolas and Gordon Brown over that issue. She did it with great style it has to be said.

In this blog I have sung the praises of 'Shelterbox' a few times - their website is here by the way. If you were to click on news and scroll down to the early part of this month you will see an entry stating that Joanna is becoming a patron of the charity. She is known to be very enthusiastic about the work that Shelterbox have done and continue to do and having her now identified so close to the organisation is absolutely brilliant news.

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