Sunday, 20 January 2008

MSC Napoli - one year since beaching

Here we are then - entry number 43 believe it or not on the ongoing MSC Napoli story. I thought I had better record the fact that it is now one year since the Napoli was run aground in Lyme Bay just off the beach at Branscombe. The mass media were intimating a couple of days ago that Friday was the anniversary of her arrival off Branscombe. Yes it was 12 months to the day that she got into serious trouble to the south of the Cornish coast with her crew rescued in dramatic conditions but that's not what most of them were saying. I wouldn't boast for a moment that I've always got my facts correct but there does seem to be a somewhat casual indifference in today's media to get incontestable details spot on. OK rant over!

Napoli, or rather the remainder of the stern section, now has a heavy list to starboard. I guess this is not too unexpected as there were almost sure to be a southerly gale or two over the winter. Although there is a lull in proceedings out in the bay the powers that be are reviewing the way the remainder of the ship should be removed. Lifting the whole in one go onto a barge would be a nice option but it's thought that her heeling over might preclude this idea. They are still optimistic about the final removal by the end of April. With Easter in March this year bank holiday visitors to Branscombe will it seems still be able to see her.

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