Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Possibly the best crisps ever

I try not to buy crisps as a regular item in my food shopping but recently the Western Morning News have been providing a packet as a sales promotion for those who pick up a paper. At least this has happened in my neck of the woods. Part of the reason for their generosity might be their recent hike in the price of the paper - up 5 pence to 45p, Saturday edition stays at 65p. However I should point out that the WMN are keen to promote locally produced healthy food.

The product they have been handing out is a packet of 'Burts hand fried mixed root chips'. I can give three cheers for these for three good reasons: firstly, they are made in Devon, just outside Plymouth to be more precise; secondly, the ingredients consist of parsnips, carrots, beetroot, sunflower oil, sea salt and nothing else; last but not least, they taste absolutely scrummy! As I said these were a giveaway so I don't how their price compares with better known varieties.

Burts have a lively and amusing website
here. I'm not that keen on animated websites as a rule but this one is an exception, worth a look I would say.

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