Friday, 18 January 2008

Radio Devon & Radio Cornwall celebrate

There was a bit of a birthday bash for BBC Radio Cornwall and BBC Radio Devon yesterday as the two stations celebrated their quarter century of being on air. It took a little while for them to find their feet but now they have become part of many people's lives. Of course there have been, and are, commercial stations around but the latter lose out to the extent of not having well defined geography whereas a radio station for a single county is ideal. Or is it? Being so close to the border I want to be in tune with both counties, however reception is much better here for 'Devon' than 'Cornwall' so that is the station to which I would normally listen. I can remember the programme 'Morning SouWest' which preceded today's local radio set up and very good it was too.

When you are passionate about both Devon and Cornwall it is a little frustrating not to have that joint programme early in the morning. However both ITV and BBC provide good quality local TV news in the early evening for the whole area. Having said that I am still concerned about the ITV plan to possibly lump our region with another which would be a very retrograde step.

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