Monday, 28 January 2008

Roman fort discovered at Calstock

Last Saturday evening I received word about the amazing discovery of a Roman fort just west of the Tamar at Calstock! Peter Claughton from Exeter University has been researching the story of the lead and silver mining on the Bere Peninsula for some time; he had been aware from the records of some sort of silver smelting operation in the vicinity of Calstock Church just across the Tamar from these particular mining lodes. Geophysical surveying was revealing an interesting anomaly in a field just south of the church and now an archaeological dig is in process. Apart from some evidence of smelting the big prize has been these totally unknown Roman remains.

I was in the area anyway today so made a point of visiting the site and was pleased to receive a "conducted tour". Just in time too as the excavation has to be backfilled by the end of the week.

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