Friday, 10 October 2008

Another sat-nav mishap

It was at the start of this week that I was on one of my hobby-horses: sat-navs and the mishaps that relate to their use. The latest of these that I've heard about occurred at lovely Maenporth beach just south of Falmouth. This time it wasn't a case of being wedged in a lane but it seems that the sat-nav sent the French driver and his monster articulated lorry down the little road that passes Maenporth when perhaps it shouldn't have done; the driver used the beach to try and turn around and in doing so the tractor unit of the lorry got somewhat stuck in the sand! Locals with shovel and tractor assistance managed to get him free in the end.

Thanks to the 'Falmouth Packet' there is a short video here from which you can appreciate the driver's predicament.

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