Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Labour trounces EU Transparency Bill

One of the consequences of the present financial mayhem in different parts of the world is that a number of incidents can happen at the same time that get little attention in the media but which I think ought to be reported. Thank heavens for blogs! By good fortune I've now picked up a story relating to a 'ten minute rule bill' that the government made sure didn't progress in the House of Commons last Wednesday. It was Mark Harper, Conservative MP for 'The Forest of Dean', who introduced the bill and, to quote from his website, "The European Union (Transparency) Bill would have required Ministers to be more open about the origins of Bills and the extent to which laws passed by Parliament are as a result of EU decisions." You can read a little more background about both Mr Harper and this bill by going here. Mark quite reasonably points out that his intended bill was not intended to take sides regarding the EU but to indicate just how much (or how little come to that) of our legislation was emanating from Brussels. In this so called democracy I cannot see any reason why such a bill should not be enacted.

As with the referendum that never was Labour are treating the electorate in an absolutely disgraceful way. Cameron has said that the next Tory government will allow a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty; let's see Mark Harper's proposal in their manifesto as well.

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