Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Beautiful weather for Goose Fair

It's been gloriously sunny here in the Tamar Valley and I would think that just over the border Tavistock has enjoyed much the same. Although gardening has been the way I've enjoyed the great outdoors today I could have slipped into Tavistock for its annual Goose Fair, which I think is one of just two such named events in this country (I have a feeling that the other one has its home in Nottingham). Having been to Goose Fair on two or three previous occasions and not desperate for the sort of retail therapy it provides I decided to give it a miss. One of the features I have enjoyed on previous visits is to listen to the patter delivered by salesmen getting people to buy bundles of towels or whatever off the back of a lorry! A real education.

I would imagine that the sun has drawn the crowds so that would be a blessing for the organisers. The weather is such a lottery and I can remember instances of good and bad for this the second Wednesday in October. With the funfair decamped in one of the main car parks until the end of the week parking will be a bit of a headache in the town for a day or three. Fortunately there is no need for me to drive in there while the fair is on.

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