Sunday, 21 December 2008

Piers Corbyn - an apology from me

On Monday 15 December I made a blog entry under the title "Bad weather NOT forecast by Piers Corbyn". This was in relation to the extreme weather we had just suffered in particular the deluge that occurred in East Devon and Somerset with people being rescued from cars stuck in the floods. Very nasty although here we were relatively unscathed. Usually I try to be forensic in my analysis but this time I failed. I used the very brief summary forecast on the homepage to make my comment about Piers. What I should have noted in this particular instance is that not all the storms that were in his detailed forecast had been brought forward to his homepage and this event appears to have been one of those occasions. So an unreserved apology from me for my lax reporting.

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BF said...

That's very magnanimous of you; however, wouldn't your time be much better spent exposing the complete failure of all 18 CO2 driven IPCC climate models to forewarn the public of the current downturn in global temperatures and the dangers to humanity that global cooling engenders?

Corbyn's forecasts have been independently peer-reviewed and verified to be significantly skilled. On the other hand, the IPCC, WMO and the Met Office have shown no skill whatsoever!

There is no progressive content in a lie. Please reconsider your position in light of rapidly emerging objective evidence.