Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Very odd statement from Liverpool FC

Readers of this blog will know that I don't normally do sport or celebrities in my entries. So I wouldn't usually be concerned with the story about Liverpool captain and England footballer Steven Gerrard as something I would comment on. Gerrard has been charged with assault and affray following a disturbance at a Southport nightclub. What happens now will be down to the courts but it's not the alleged offence that I wish to write about.

Liverpool Football Club have issued a statement which includes the words "Steven has been an outstanding servant to Liverpool for the last 10 years and the club will give him all the support he needs at this time." What a very very odd thing to say ... "give him all the support he needs". He is charged with a serious offence and the club should surely take a non committal stance until the process of justice takes place. Innocent until proved guilty, yes. And maybe therefore no reason why he shouldn't train and play as normal until at least the court case comes up. But giving him all the support he needs seems to imply that he is a wronged individual or that he deserves to have the club find him a top barrister.

I have to wonder if a lesser player in the same predicament who had served this club for a similarly long time would have received the same backing.

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