Sunday, 7 December 2008

Piers wrong - no storm this weekend

If you follow this blog regularly you will know that I have often criticised weather forecaster Piers Corbyn, one of the better known deniers of man-made global warming. It's not on that issue that I berate him in these jottings, it's the monthly forecasts he puts out that gets me going. He had a very, very bad October in which he was wrong in every single respect; November was a little better and I gave him 3 out of 10 for that one - slightly generous perhaps, spreading a little bit of my Christmas spirit and all that!

In his December summary Piers lists his anticipated storm periods and says the timings could be + or - one day. Fair enough I guess. Today is the seventh and Piers has 6 to 8 December (with the plus or minus one day tolerance) as one of these times of storm. In fact he goes further and reckons we would get bashed by two such events, one on the sixth and the other two days later. Just in case it hasn't been noticed there has been glorious sunshine over the south west this weekend: a nice ridge of high pressure has lain over the south of Britain, 'up north' it may not have been so good but they certainly haven't had Piers' promised storm over this period. A front is moving south over the country (we are supposed to get it tomorrow afternoon) but it looks to be a relatively innocuous affair, not a feature that would merit the word 'storm' that's for sure.

So not good for Piers this time. His next major weather event flagged up is for a storm on the 23 to 24 December (he always has something dramatic to give us for Christmas!!) and then snow on Christmas Day itself. On the '' website there is an article reproduced from the 'Daily Star' in which Piers apparently made the comment "We are 75% sure that there will be snow in many - but not all - locations offered by bookies this Christmas" and goes on to say "Our advice to beat the credit crunch is to place a bet on a white Christmas because it's never looked more likely". Now I've looked at the William Hill website and they evidently take separate bets on snow at Aberdeen, Glasgow, Cardiff and London falling during the 24 hours of Christmas Day, I suspect that the other bookies do the same. Will Piers be right this time? He can't always get it wrong! I shall either be praising him or lambasting him before the end of the month. Whatever the odds presented I won't be placing any bets but it seems that a lot of money has already been staked.

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