Monday, 16 February 2009

And now some good employment news ...

As with most parts of the UK Cornwall and Devon are having their fair share of redundancies as the economic situation deteriorates so it's great to record something positive for once. The good news is that the highly regarded Appledore Shipyard on the west bank of the River Torridge in the north of Devon is taking on 14 apprentices. If I heard things correctly they are aiming to take on more in successive years. Appledore had closed not so long ago but thankfully is thriving again. Now under the ownership of 'Babcock Marine' the yard is building the bow sections of the two huge aircraft carriers ordered by the government, 'HMS Queen Elizabeth' and 'HMS Prince of Wales'.

This contract should banish unemployment worries for the workers there for some time to come. It is fantastic to know that they are taking on apprentices, such people I thought had become an endangered species. Reports say that it was back in 2002 that the yard last took on apprentices. Something to smile about then in this part of Devon.

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