Monday, 2 February 2009

No real snow yet

Whereas certain parts of the country have been getting quite memorable quantities of snow there have been just a few grains swirling in the wind here. It's quite possible though that there might have been noticeable amounts only a mile or two away. Snow showers can be very localised and where I live, tucked well down in the Tamar Valley, often misses the more "exciting" weather that they experience up at the top of the hill. If one went pretty well due west from my cottage for four miles or so (as the crow flies) then our local highest peak would be reached - Kit Hill. This granite eminence just tops the 1000 foot contour so it can be seen that my locality is anything but flat. By the way the Tamar is tidal up to Gunnislake so we are talking about the river being at sea level here. I'm just mentioning these facts to illustrate the point that weather conditions locally can vary markedly depending on the altitude.

Our railway station is 500 feet up and that is high enough to get an eastward view of the western flank of Dartmoor and many a time it's been possible to see snow on the high moor, looking like icing on a cake, whilst there hasn't been a flake in the Tamar Valley.

Interestingly they had a dusting of snow on the Isles of Scilly much earlier today - now that is a rare occurrence! North Devon has been on the receiving end, likewise Haldon Hill for a time apparently. What I really like is snow all night and then waking up to that silent whiteness in the morning. Well provided I don't need to drive anywhere that is! Living in a deep valley with the opposite precipitous hillside clothed in trees can make for a truly spectacular view after snow. But will the snow continue to pass us by: that's the question.

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