Thursday, 5 February 2009

Helford Jetty again

The Sunday before last I wrote a piece about the proposal to build a jetty at Helford in the west of Cornwall. To summarise: the fishermen working out of the village have no proper landing facilities and this scheme which includes a small access road has the support of the locals, parish and district councils, and conservation bodies ... but not apparently of the many second home owners who spend a small amount of time in their holiday hideaways at this spot. The latter are trying to put a spoke in the wheel and their totally selfish attitude is causing so much of an uproar that a group has been formed on the Facebook site to counter the contempt shown by these well heeled individuals who make only occasional forays into this part of Cornwall.

In my piece I provided a link to the Facebook group and to anyone reading this blog, going to the link and signing up to the cause can I say "Thanks very much indeed, your support is appreciated". The good news is that as I write this the number of members in the group is approaching the 7000 mark! There is also a petition now on the 10 Downing Street website and for the link for that one just click here. I'm not for a moment saying that signing the petition will do any good but my feeling is that not signing definitely won't do any good if you see what I mean. It only takes seconds to do and surely doing something has to be better than doing nothing don't you think?

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