Friday, 27 February 2009

Ryanair thinks about toilet charge

Ryanair, the budget airline, know a thing or two about reducing costs and of charging their customers for anything that can remotely be considered an extra. But their hard-headed boss Michael O'Leary has just come up with one of the most bizarre and unwelcome suggestions - the idea that their passengers will have to put a £1 coin in the slot to open the toilet door when they need to relieve themselves. Now I don't think it's April the First and in fairness this is not something that will definitely go ahead.

It might be that O'Leary just wants to float the idea to see what reaction it gets but it is to me a total nonsense. The implication is that passengers will have to go on board his planes making sure that they have sufficient coins on them. I think it's appalling that one would be charged to have a call of nature. Somebody from 'Holiday Which' I think it was pointed out that such a charge would be a disincentive for drinks to be bought in flight, not good for Ryanair.

I've never had a particularly high opinion of O'Leary, this frankly ludicrous suggestion has just lowered it a few more notches.

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