Friday, 24 July 2009

End of MSC Napoli saga

Yesterday evening I watched 'Spotlight', the local BBC news programme, as I often do. One item that particularly caught my eye was the story that the last piece of the stern of 'MSC Napoli' has now been lifted from the waters of Lyme Bay just off the beach at Branscombe. So ends this saga - well almost. The two barges on which have been loaded the vast array of scrap metal that once formed part of this container ship are still on station but are due to head east to, I think, Rotterdam next week.

So it won't be long before all visible signs of the vessel's presence will have gone. Having said that the anchor was given to the village in recognition of the tumultuous events the locals witnessed and is there near the shoreline for all to see. The Dutch salvage firm had declared that the contract would be completed by the end of July. So all credit to them for achieving this feat.

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