Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Tom Daley wins in Diving Championships

If you have read this blog regularly before (has anybody been that mad?) then you will know that I don't normally 'do' sport but that if some person or team from my two counties does well then I'm only too happy to flag up the fact. So step forward 15 year old Tom Daley from Plymouth who has won a gold medal in the 10 metre platform title in the Diving World Championships in Rome. This of course is a truly massive achievement for one so young. Prime Minister Gordon Brown was quick to congratulate him. He, the PM, has had the unfortunate apellation "Jonah Brown" applied to him by at least one blogger because on numerous occasions he has either sent the sportsman or team a good luck message or attended the event himself only for failure to occur. Presumably then he hadn't sent Tom any such message prior to the young lad's triumph!

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Philip said...

GB's got a nerve. He's been in charge of the nation's purse strings for 12 years during which the number of diving facilities in this country has steadily fallen, and the attitude of the state school system to sporting excellence has gotten even worse, as Tom Daley knows to his cost.