Saturday, 4 July 2009

Statue of Liberty fully reopens

To any of our American cousins who might be reading this can I wish you a happy July the Fourth! I know that The Statue of Liberty is one of your most iconic structures but since the 9/11 atrocity it hasn't been possible for the general public to ascend to the very top although I believe landing on Liberty Island and going to the top of the pedestal has been permitted. Good news then that the Obama administration has chosen today for the restricted access to be lifted so that once again people can make that long climb up the spiral staircase right up to the crown. It might sound as if I know all about it but in reality I've been educating myself by looking at a piece here by BBC reporter Matthew Price including some video.

I don't know whether the video will be up on the BBC website indefinitely, I have a feeling that they just don't have the webspace to retain every video that gets a showing on their site. However by going to YouTube and inputting 'Statue of Liberty Tour' for instance it should be possible to see what it's all about even if we do lose the BBC video eventually.

Fascinating just how restrictive the space is on the spiral staircase. I assume there is radio communication to prevent ascent and descent of sightseers simultaneously - I don't really think there is passing space on the stairs!

My knowledge of the Statue was incredibly vague. Its been very rewarding I must say to access the Beeb's piece and look at one or two other references as well. If I was ever to go to New York I would be strongly tempted I must say to do that ferry trip to Liberty Island and toil up those stairs.

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