Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Second dragonfly disappears

I haven't felt particularly well for a couple of days - no I'm not asking for sympathy, and no I haven't had swine flu! Just mentioning it because there is so much I would like to blog about at the moment but just I haven't felt motivated to do it. To be honest there is a well nigh inexhaustible supply of material I would like to write about / comment on all the time but lucky is the person who can keep up a large output on their blogs; in fact I think it is fair to say that blogs come and go quite regularly and of course people's circumstances readily change and one cannot be surprised if some folk cease blogging.

Anyway I'm much better now thank you! A quick update on the last post about the dragonflies. The second one to hatch out was still there and looking worryingly motionless the following morning but by lunchtime had disappeared. Hopefully then it had flown off and not fallen back into the pond (no sign of that) or been taken by a bird. I suppose that like most of nature there are huge variations - some dragonflies taking off in an hour or two after hatching whereas some like mine take more than 24 hours to make their maiden flight.

Thank goodness we are having a break from the rain now. For much of yesterday we endured the wet stuff. It's still breezy today and apart from the one lonesome red admiral the buddleia is not being visited by butterflies. However the bumble bees are at least taking advantage of it.

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