Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Lord Paul to be investigated

In my last blog post I compared two very different men: Lloyd Gardner and Lord Paul of Marylebone. In the case of his Lordship there has been a development concerning his highly questionable expenses claims. He is to be investigated by the House of Lords and, get this, he Lord Paul has asked for the investigation! For a moment I was astonished to hear this but then I could see some twisted logic. Given what I consider to be a flagrant criminal act by Lord Paul I think that it is inevitable that what he did will be investigated - or at least it darn well should be! So perhaps Lord Paul is taking a calculated gamble here: by asking to be investigated he is putting out the message "I'm innocent, I've got nothing to hide" and then he might also think that their Lordships would be the people most likely to give his actions a clean bill of health.

High risk but "desperate times call for desperate measures" I think is the phrase used. Lord Paul is both a personal friend of Gordon Brown and a much needed donor to the Labour Party. If he doesn't get the support he is hoping for from his colleagues then the situation will be very problematical for Brown.

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