Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Zircus Renz played by Silvia Plegniere

Although my intention had been to insert no more than one video a week on this blog and it was only yesterday that the last one was added I just couldn't resist this one. Again it's Silvia Plegniere and her Yamaha Tyros keyboard and the tune is Zircus (or Circus) Renz. Is there a happier tune on the planet than this? Or a better rendition of it? For anyone whose spirits are a bit low then watching and listening to this one can only help I feel.

Normally this is played on the xylophone, I can't begin to understand the technical wizardry that's in the Yamaha but the xylophone sound is the right one to use and Silvia uses it to great effect. Please feel free to comment on this video, and anything else I write or add for that matter.

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