Sunday, 15 July 2007

Attempt to break MSC Napoli in two.

Here we go again with the Napoli story! According to the Man from the Ministry, Robin Middleton, when the Napoli was moved seawards and examined by divers they discovered that the crack in her hull was up to 3 metres wide in places (or 10 ft in 'the old money' I'm used to). No wonder he made the quick decision that she couldn't be towed away then and there!

It seems that they are attempting to pull the two sections apart and at least tow away the forward part. How successful this might be and when is unpredictable. Unfortunately some oil has leaked out and washed up onto Branscombe beach. I suspect that in reality it isn't very much but already some birds have been caught up in it; my feeling is that the quantity of oil has a very disproportionate effect on the sea with Napoli being beached even closer to the shore this time.

Devon County Council bless them have a specific Napoli website here. Otherwise Radio Devon's regular news bulletins are a good way to get the latest Napoli news. Who knows - the ship might have successfully been split in two while I'm typing this!

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