Friday, 27 July 2007

A trip to Truro and a taste of Cornwall

A couple of days ago a friend and I had to see someone in Truro. This gave me the chance to see the newly completed Goss Moor Diversion about which I had previously blogged. What a relief that is I must say but the single carriageway section of the A30 between Temple and Bodmin now needs to be sorted. I think in the old days of nearly all single carriageway roads it was a feat of endurance to say set off on from London to go on holiday to the beaches of Cornwall but people did.

Truro, like other cathedral cities I guess, has that comfortable 'we are doing alright' feel to it. In the middle of the city we popped into the 'Halzephron Herb Farm' shop after we had done our business. They had a wide variety of herbie concoctions in pots. With a supply of bread sticks it was possible to dip in and try some of these delights; I particularly liked the garlic and lemon mayonnaise and opted to buy a jar to take home. Having just finished the last of the coleslaw with today's salad I might just open it tomorrow. They state that it should be used within two months after opening. It is quite a small pot so can I make it last two months?! I suspect not. To know more about them go to their website here.

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