Sunday, 1 July 2007

What a week that was!

What a week that was! Well not especially so for me I have to say but in terms of happenings on the national scene it most certainly has been a momentous week. Not only did the Glastonbury Festival end in a mudbath (I've already commented about this) but there has been really serious flooding in many parts of the country. Although the greatest amount of damage appears to have been in and around Sheffield with therefore a lot of media coverage very many other places have suffered particularly in 'middle England'. Worcestershire was one of these but I am pleased to say that one brother living in that county has not been affected, likewise another brother in Herefordshire. I've luckily never suffered flooding but for those who have had to evacuate their homes because of flood water well my heart goes out to them. The loss of personal possessions, the fact you can't live in the special comfort of your own home, the sight of all the mud when the water does drain away, it must be unbearable.

Wednesday saw Tony Blair receive a standing ovation in the commons after his final PMQs and David Cameron got the Tories to join in! Then off to the Palace to surrender his position as Prime Minister to be followed by Gordon Brown who was asked by the Queen to form a new government. In his first speech outside No 10, and with his wife at his side, GB repeatedly used the word 'new'. We shall soon see I expect how new he really is. Comment on his new cabinet will come on another blog entry. Suffice to say that the glitzy showbiz feel of Tony Blair has already gone - I don't think we'll see Gordon Brown taking his summer hols at the home of some pop star or another. Certainly he is a very different creature to Blair and that their often fractious relationship has survived till now is remarkable.

On the terrorism front Brown and his new home secretary Jacqui Smith have already had to deal with threats that are thought to be Al-Qaeda inspired: two Mercedes cars with explosives ready to be detonated have been found in London but were fortunately made safe before the terrorists could do their dirty work. Then two Asian men tried to cause mayhem at Glasgow airport by driving a jeep at the main terminal meeting with the evident intention of causing an explosion. Two men were arrested as part of that incident considered to be related to the two failed attempts in London to cause mass carnage. There have now been further arrests.

Yes, it certainly has been a week!

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