Sunday, 15 July 2007

Heritage walk was OK I think.

Last Tuesday, in association with the Calstock Development Trust, I had the pleasure of leading a walk of about three miles looking at some aspects of the World Heritage Site for 'The Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape'. We started fairly early in the morning at Gunnislake Station walking on the level to Albaston before dropping downhill through the Danescombe Valley and along the river frontage to Calstock. A prearranged buffet lunch was laid on at the Tamar Inn and then a short walk uphill to Calstock Station for a train ride back to the start.

Apart from the fact that the route was full of interest my intention was to minimize any uphill walking, provide a local hostelry with some business and also use the Tamar Valley Railway which in the early afternoon is always appreciative of extra custom!

Fortunately the rain stopped just as we were about to start the walk which made the stroll far more enjoyable. Everyone was happy with the experience, at least I think they were (!). It is amazing just how rapidly time goes and I was conscious that I would have liked to have said more. Having said that they had probably heard enough of my voice for one day! I was at pains to point out that I was an enthusiastic amateur not a seasoned professional. And one thing I won't do is spout an array of statistics like an out of control machine gun - that's not me.

The whole thing will be repeated next Saturday for those who find a weekday a no-no. I'm sure that there will be one or two refinements to the first walk but, all in all, I'm fairly happy.

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