Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Second World Heritage walk

Last Saturday saw me lead the second of the World Heritage walks starting from Gunnislake station, and arriving at Calstock in time for lunch at The Tamar Inn. As before we let "the train take the strain" for the uphill return to Gunnislake. Unbelievably we had another dry weather window - organising these things well in advance you know you are taking pot luck with the weather.

I managed to organise the available time somewhat better than on the first walk I'm glad to say: what's that saying about 'practice makes perfect'.

Once again I tried to maintain a light touch without blinding people with science. Perhaps just as well as I might have tied myself up in knots! Very lucky that this particular jaunt is short enough to be within most people's capabilities whilst having enough interest to I think whet their appetites on the subject of mining heritage.

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