Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Al Fayed has to call it a day

Phew! Thank goodness the Diana inquest is over. At long last Mohamed Al Fayed has decided to abandon his long running campaign to prove Diana and Dodi were murdered, all part of a conspiracy headed by the Duke of Edinburgh so he said. The 11 person jury by a 9 - 2 majority quite clearly laid the blame for the accident at the door of Al Fayed's driver Henri Paul and the chasing paparazzi. This was a bold but absolutely correct verdict in my opinion. Al-Fayed had said under oath that he would accept the jury's decision; however he stated that it was for the sake of Princes William and Harry that he wasn't pursuing matters. That of course is a load of tosh, he just wasn't in a position to do anything else.

So why did the Harrods boss chase these totally wild and nonsensical conspiracy theories? Only he would know I suppose. There are though a couple of points I would venture to make. Firstly it might be that he just cannot accept that one of his own trusted employees was partly responsible for the death of both Diana and his son. And of course as Henri Paul's employer some of that blame would have to attach to him. Secondly and not much talked about is the fact, at least I think it's a fact, that Al Fayed wasn't ever granted British citizenship. I believe that is a subject that has become an obsession with him and that he feels it is the Establishment in this country that has stopped this ambition. If Dodi and Diana had married, and I personally don't think this was ever on the cards, then Al Fayed might have felt this was his route into British society.

These are just gut feelings on my part but now deserted by his defence team and vilified by the media this bitter man must feel very lonely today.

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Quail said...

The Diana thing will never rest. JFK, Marilyn Monroe, etc etc. I run in the opposite direction of conspiracy theories...being a normal person with better things to do!

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